Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Name is Michelle and I'm a Karaoke Addict

There is something absolutely freeing about belting your favorite hit song into a real, working microphone. I mean, doesn't everybody secretly dream they were a rock star? Well... my secret is obviously out. If I had even a smidge of real talent, I would not be in Shanghai studying abroad. I'd be here as a stop on my world concert tour!

It is the unfortunate reality, however, that I don't, in fact, have Beyonce's powerful pipes, Psy's ridiculous ability to dance, or Nicki Manaj's schizophrenic rapping. So instead, I lock myself in a disco-lit room with my friends and we all pretend to be superstars as we yell melodically (and sometimes off-key) at music videos and have a famously good time.

This is exactly how I celebrated the end of my midterm week...and numerous other occasions. My first week in Shanghai, the end of my summer program, my first week at work, a day after work, my last week at work, just randomly after class... Heck, in the four months that I've been in Shanghai, I think I've gone to over three different KTV branches more than ten times. Worry not, the rates here are alarmingly delightfully cheap.

Party like a rockstar
Anyway, I just wanted to say that karaokeing is one of my favorite things about Asian culture and everyone should go and set their inner starlet free. Hi. My Name is Michelle and I'm a Karaoke Addict.

On a completely unrelated note: my VPN is working beautifully today...could it be due to the fact that it's Election Day? Thanks, China for being extra considerate.

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